GPS Points of Interest (POI) Map

If you own a GPS-enabled device, you will be able to use the data in our database of public sculptures in Sussex for visiting them. The Points of Interest (POI) map is dynamically generated with the latest information in the database to ensure the information is up-to-date. In order to use the information, you will need to:

1. Download

Download the file with all locations from these links: txt, csv, ov2 (for TomTom)

2. Load to GPS

Download and unzip the file, which should contain two files: the locations and the logo. Please notice the .txt and .csv files might need to be converted to your GPS proprietary format, so use the tools provided for this.

    Instructions for TomTom:

1. Attach your TomTom to your PC with the cable provided

2. Open the folder on your TomTom containing the UK map

3. Copy the two downloaded files into that folder from your PC

4. Go to 'Change Preferences' on your TomTom

5. Go to 'Enable/Disable' POIs

6. Ensure that you put a tick at the side of 'Public Sculptures Sussex'

3. Navigate

You can then navigate to specific sculptures or set your TomTom to alert you when you are in proximity to one of the sculptures on the database.